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Libby Robertson Photoshoot
Libby Robertson photoshoot

Authentic BRANDING Content for your MARKETING!

Hi, I'm Casey and I want to help provide you with some fresh and organic branding content for your marketing!

Why do you need authentic branding content? 

- Level up your socials and website

- Fresh marketing content

- Build trust with your clientele

- Create consistency

- Show professionalism and that you're invested in yourself and your business

Casey Van Liefde is a skilled portrait and brand photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her work is characterised by stunning portraits, lifestyle shots, and brand photography that convey a deep sense of personality and emotion. With a passion for capturing the beauty and individuality of her subjects, Casey's images are engaging and captivating. She also specialises in boudoir and maternity photography, creating intimate and empowering images that celebrate the beauty of women.

With years of experience in the industry, Casey is known for her exceptional technical skills and her ability to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during shoots. Whether you're looking for professional branding photos, stunning portraits, or intimate boudoir or maternity shots, Casey Van Liefde Photography is the natural choice.

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behind the lens


"I'm a passionate, creative soul seeker, who thrives off energy and working from a place of pure love. I believe in magic and it's no coincidence that you've found me."

Meet Casey Van Liefde, a passionate and creative photographer who is driven by pure love and energy. With over 13 years of experience running seven studios across Australia and New Zealand, Casey now specialises in photo shoots that reflect the unique essence of you and your business. As a skilled photographer and videographer based in Auckland, she works closely with clients to capture images and videos that align with their brand and showcase their services or products. Her work is clean, simple, and tailored to your "why". Contact Casey to elevate your online presence and attract more clients today.


"Casey has a real eye for capturing brand spirit and making you feel comfortable behind the lens. She is organised and manages the whole shoot with professionalism. I would highly recommend."



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