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Boudoir at Home

On a very chilly Friday morning, Libby welcomed me into her beautiful (warm) home, surrounded by the glistening snowy mountains in Queenstown. It was a dark day, with snow was on its way, and there was nothing better to be doing than sipping champagne and indulging in a gorgeous photoshoot.

Like 99% of all my clients, Libby was nervous and a little apprehensive about the situation. She didn't really know what to expect and was just doing something fun and empowering for herself. Little did she know that she would not only love the experience, but it would it also change the way she felt about herself.

We walked around her home and I established a few spots that I thought would be perfect for her portraits. I explained the areas in which we would be shooting and gave her a basic run down of the clothing and poses I would like to capture.

We began in the spare rooms guest bed, in a more comfortable pose that allowed Libby to get into the flow of the experience, getting comfortable with my direction and guidance.

It's only a matter of minutes before her energy changes and she really starts to "feel" it and appreciate that there is nothing to worry about and in fact, this is going to be fun!

We organically flowed through a range of poses, with the hairdryer blowing in all directions, the dog jumping onto the bed and loads of laughter and fun. As soon as I showed Libby a shot from the back of my camera she was blown away. She had no idea that that was what I was capturing and she truly saw how beautiful she was.

I don't change this, we are all beautiful, that is a fact! I just create an environment which allows you to express yourself in a different way to "normal," and to capture you in that moment. I am not here to change you or edit you into someone you are not, as you are perfect the way you are.

I am simply an artist creating my artwork in which you are the main subject. I am simply providing an experience that you will cherish forever.

Thank you Libby for the best Friday I have had in a long time! And thank you for sharing your kind words about the experience!

Casey xx

" Thank you so much for the experience , it made me feel so connected with myself and view myself in an entirely different light. I would often see woman in photos and admire their beauty and feel proud of the empowerment they must feel. I never thought it was a feeling I could get myself, but you enabled me to view myself in that light. I feel more feminine and empowered, every woman in the world deserves to feel like this.

I thought the photos would be the best part of the experience but the most enjoyable part was the photoshoot itself and the way you empower woman to feel so feminine and sexy and create such a comfortable environment. Being self conscious of my body I was nervous about the experience but as soon as you took that first photo I had no nerves or hesitation at all. You have an incredible way of transferring your passionate energy on to the client which creates an unforgettable experience. I thought this would be far out of my comfort zone but there was not one point during the entire session that I felt uncomfortable.

Not only did I get photos which will last forever, I got an experience which has given me confidence in myself and empowered me with an energy and mindset that has changed my life."


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