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Video Branding

Having fresh and relative branding photos for marketting, is essential. But social media and websites now require video, and so do your customers!

Video is such a beautiful way of telling a story of who you are and the products/services you offer. Video can really evoke more emotion and delivers significantly more information, in contrast to an image or words.

People are busy, they want to know exactly who you are and what you have that they need!

I recently did a shoot for a beautiful salon in the Mount called Fade, who has just done a brand relaunch. They wanted to clarify the exact services they offer, so they could market them properly and draw in the correct paying clients.

I absolutely love what they have done with their website, using small video edits to showcase the services they provide, giving their clients a very clear indication of what they do and why they need it!

I don't know about you, but I don't know what an "Advanced Laser Facial" is, but seeing the video play above the description, sure explains it. And it also makes me want it! What's thats expression? I want what she's having! ;)

I've created my video packages to compliment the photography, so the two mediums can be used together, within various marketing formats. They can both be captured on the one day and will give you such an amazing gallery full of videos and imagery!

I've also made it a little unique, where I actually provide the video files individually, just like the images. I go through each clip, cut them to nice small clips, add effects such as speed, stabilisation and colour correction (based on the look you are after). I then export each file and upload them to an online gallery for you.

Each clip comes in a standard 16:9 (widescreen tv) and a 9:16 (reel) cro

p. So you can take these clips and use them as you like using one of the various editing softwares available.

I also include an edited version that is ready to go, for those who aren't so savvy, or just too time poor to edit their own videos. I can edit as many versions as you need.

Check out this video below, which has given you better information, my words in this blog, or this video?

We may all have phones with great video capabilites, but being able to capture ourselves doing what we love or sell, can be really tricky and often look quite unprofessional.

My video and photography packages are designed to give you a bulk amount of professional content so you can make yourself seen! I have kept the price point as low as possible, allowing you to purchase some now and come back for more in the future if required.

If you would like some more information on my Video and Photography packages, please get in touch!

And if you'd like to see an example of the videos used in Fade's website, check it out HERE!

Casey xxx


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