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Classic Motherhood Photoshoots

I am so excited to be adding this genre of shoot to my photography packages. Just like my "boudoir" photoshoots, these are going to be organic, intimate and classic black and white photoshoots, either done in your own home, at my home based studio or the beach! (Papamoa)

To try and keep the cost as low as possible, I am keeping these shoots short and sharp! Kids generally don't last long anyway, so I decided to scrap the hair and makeup (you can add this on if required for an additional fee, or organise it yourself before hand). For more info on the pricing of these shoots, please just get in touch!

These shoots aren't about posing you too much and trying and creating the "perfect portrait" of you and your kids; they're rather about capturing raw and intimate moments between you! They will be emotive, artistic images that I just know you will love for decades to come! This images will be classic black and white (generally) and will never age, unlike the people in them!

When it comes to clothing choices for this style of shoot, please keep it simple! Think white shirts, jeans, oversized soft jumpers! I have created a Pinterest page for you to view which should inspire you and give you an idea of the style of shoot and the images we will be aiming for!

I cannot wait to do a lot more of these shoots and capture some incredible moments between mother and child, that I know will be cherished for generations to come!

Casey xxx

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