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How to prepare for your branding shoot

Having beautifully curated and authentic imagery is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your intended audience. After your photoshoot, you will have a range of organic photos that represent you and brand, to use across various platforms and marketing campaigns.

To help ensure you have both an amazing experience and receive stunning images at the end that you feel represent you and your brand perfectly, I’ve put together my top tips below, for planning and preparing for your shoot. Read on....

1. Get clear on your audience and vision

First things first is understanding exactly what you want from your shoot. You might not even know this, which is why I will send you through a questionnaire, asking a variety of questions that will give me a clearer understanding of exactly what it is you want and need. An important element to consider when filling in your questionnaire is; ‘Who am I speaking to? And what do they want to learn or gain from my business?’

Representing your brand/business in the best way possible, is ultimately what we are trying to achieve. We want your potential clients to get a feel for who you are and the products/services you sell.

2. Create a Mood Board

Creating a mood board can be a fun and helpful way to prepare for your shoot. There are various options such as Canva, or my favourite, Pinterest. The images do not need to be taken by me, they just need to give a visual representation of what you like and would like to achieve in your own shoot.

I am a very visual person, and if I can see what you envision, then I can plan it and capture it!

Once you've created your Pinterest Mood Board, simply send the link directly to my email

You can check out my own Pinterest account for inspiration HERE!

3. Location, location, location...

Once I have read your questionnaire and seen your mood board, we are going to know exactly where these photos need to be captured in order to achieve the final results. The location is SO important when it comes to your shoot, as it's ultimately going to create the atmosphere that relates to who you are and what you do!

I have a great home studio which is a perfect base for any shoot. It has a neutral colour pallet (whites, beige, greys) with a variety of plants and furniture which we can change around to suit your particular shoot. However, if you are after something a little more unique, or your particular business runs from its own premises which you wish to showcase, then that is perfect. We will plan for this!

We can also do a variety of locations, if you need some shots down inside and others in a more natural setting outdoors (beach, bush, city etc), then that is absolutely fine! We want to capture as much content for you on the day, so you have a variety of images and video to use for months ahead!

4. Wardrobe, accessories & makeup

This is a really important part of your shoot, so try to put some planning into your wardrobe and accessories. What you wear can affect the overall look of your images, so try to ensure you pick outfits that compliment your brand colours and the location in which we are shooting. Try not to include too much black, unless this is essential to your brief. And remember to bring the appropriate undergarments for each outfit!

I recommend keeping you makeup as natural to you as possible. This can be a great opportunity to indulge in some professional makeup, however, it is not essential. These images are about representing you and we don't want you to look or feel unlike yourself! I have a few makeup artists who I use who do an incredible job of keeping the look natural, whilst still giving you a professional finish for the shoot.

Accessories are a MAJOR part of a branding shoot. This can range from actual products you make/sell, to just including props which tell the story of who you are and what you do. If we are shooting in your own business location, this may not be as significant to plan for. But if we are doing your shoot at a unique location you might want to think about bringing some props! Here are just a few examples:

- Laptop

- Phone

- Mugs

- Hands-free headset

- Notebooks/pen

- Yoga mat

- Drink Bottle

- Flowers

- Styling accessories (home staging etc)

- Food

- Hats

Really try to think of your brand and what you need in your images to immediately allow your audience to connect with you and what you are trying to sell.

5. Come with an open mind, ready for some FUN!

I know having your photos taken can be super daunting, but trust me, you are going to love this experience and the results! I have been a photographer for over 14 years! I know how to direct, style and pose you. I will be shouting directions to you through the entire process, to the point that it's ridiculous and you just let go and laugh at how silly you feel (often resulting in the best shots!).

I am here to help you through this entire experience, from the planning to the execution, I am by your side! So don't overthink it! Don't let your ego get in the way of showing up for your potential clients! They want to know the person behind the brand, they want to TRUST you! And the only way for your audience to trust you, is for them to know you!

I can't wait to plan your shoot and capture some beautiful images (and video) for you!

Casey xx


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