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Self Portrait

Well, this fun! It was also incredibly difficult and insanely awkward but I loved it! This experience really just cemented how much I adore what I do and why I do it!

This was taking the term "selfie" to a new level. I have an incredible camera which has a wifi function and I only recently discovered that you can connect the camera to your phone and use it to capture the shots. It's not easy though, as it mirrors what you are seeing which is the first hurdle to get past. Getting the shot in focus is the second issue and then ensuring you have the exposure set correctly is the third. The fourth problem, which is probably the hardest, is there is no one there to direct you. You also have to be looking at the phone and be able to hit the button which enables the camera to trigger, so you're constantly holding the phone. There is a self timer setting but I couldn't get my head around that, and I liked being able to take a whole burst of images.

But all in all, I played and I had fun and I'm actually pleasantly surprised with the results! I wasn't able to achieve many body shots or anything lying down (I will attempt this at a later stage), but I got some really creative beauty shots and a couple of my (cough) booty and torso.

I did this shoot on a complete whim! I was watching some YouTube tutorials and the self portrait mode came up. I was so excited I basically jumped in the shower and just got to it! So there was no going to the gym to "get in shape", or spray tans or hair extensions, it was just me, as I am right now.

This is a bit of a "behind the scenes" of what the setup looked like in my bathroom. I started with wet hair and no makeup, as I honestly thought none of them would turn out and I would just have a play.

As I got it into and started to get a better feel for the setup I really started to have fun and explore the light. The sun was shining through my bathroom blinds and making these gorgeous lined shadows on the walls. So I set up my tripod and just experimented, and I have to say, I love the results!

After building my commercial studio a couple of years back, and moving to studio lighting, I really missed natural light and how it was always changing. Natural light isn't exactly ideal for high end studio portraits, as it's too unpredictable. You could have a family shoot booked and it's the most overcast day, so you're stuffed. But with my genre of photography the various results of my images will be derived from the available light I have to work with. I'm also experimenting with other light forms to allow me flexibility when I don't have a really sunny day, so watch this space!

Here are some of the shots I captured with the sun shining through the blind.

After taking this series I was pretty excited. I decided to actually finish my hair and makeup and put a little more effort into the situation as I was in the vibe!

I also want to add, that these images have not been altered. Everything you see I caught in camera, as in I haven't added any lighting effects or filters. I haven't changed the shape of my body in any of the photos throughout, although it did involve a lot of sucking in and hip movements, haha! But these shots are simply a 100% desaturated image, with some of my own personal editing touches and the slightest skin touch up. I don't want my images to be overly edited, unless my client specifically specifies. The idea with my style of photography, is that it's organic, creative and real!

From the bathroom I moved to a little corner of my bedroom with our French doors and curtains to the left. This was a bit trickier, as I would have liked to incorporate some kind of reflector here if I was working with a client, but of course that wasn't an option, so I just went for it.

The shots were looking a little flat and dull and knew exactly what I needed! Some AIR! I just LOVE working with wind/fans/blow dryers! Anything that creates movement. Not only does it create a gorgeous effect in the images, it makes the subject process a different kind of emotion. You suddenly feel like you're a dam super model and this whole new energy shines through, I absolutely love watching it happen! The wind went a little cray cray in some of these shots and my nipples were all over the show, so I've kept the images PG ;)

Last I went with the "safe" shots. This is just a basic, face towards the light, series. These are definitely more beauty shots I guess, but ultimately when you do a photography experience with me like this, I will capture a whole range of images! And the best part is, I've created an all inclusive package! That's right, I only have one package and it includes ALL the best images from your shoot! I'm not here to sell to people or make you walk away feeling like you overspent on something you weren't prepared for! This is about you enjoying the whole dam experience, knowing that you are going to love all the images and aren't going to have to choose between them! Woohoo!

Anyway, these are the images of me sitting on the floor, looking out towards Queenstown with a blow dryer going full tit on the floor (and strangers outside probably wondering what the hell I was doing)!

Please ignore the terrible carpet and my very un-attractive bedding! Living in this rental has not inspired any of my interior design mojo! But it made no difference for the photos!

Well, thats the end of my self portrait experience and enough about me! I cannot wait to get stuck in and start photographing YOU!

Please check out my website and if you are keen on doing this for yourself, head to my FAQ page where you will find all the info you need. Then get in touch! My email is and my number is 0211850827.

I would also love to hear what you think about these photos! Which was your favourite series!?

You can leave a comment on this blog, or in the FB or IG thread! Alternatively, just send me an email, I would seriously love to hear from you!

I'm really trying to create a unique experience with my work, that involves creating various "retreats" where I will travel to various parts of the country, around once a month, and offer this experience.

It's all very new and a work in progress, but ultimately, the idea is, I will book a gorgeous little Air BnB, or hotel (or whatever suits) and do the shoots from there!

Alternatively, I will come to your home or a location of your choice! This will all be established once we have a chat! But to be honest, I took these images in a bathroom and about 2x2 metre space in my bedroom! I can achieve a lot with very little, whats important is YOU!

If you own holiday accommodation, know of any amazing locations, have products that you think I could use or in some way want to collaborate, please get in touch! I'd love to hear from you!

Remember, LOVE YOURSELF, and the Motherlode shall bestow her magic on you!

Casey xx

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