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What to Wear - Boudoir!

Essentially, not a lot! But don't worry, I will start you in something a bit more comfortable to allow you time to find your groove and feel comfortable with me and our environment. Then we will slowly move into some more risqué shots, but it will always be decided by you on what you are and are not comfortable with!

You are welcome to use these series of images to show me which ones you really love and give me an idea of what to work towards in our shoot! As I shoot on location, no two shoots will ever be exactly the same, which is really the idea. But I can still re-create certain setups and poses to ensure I capture exactly what you are after!

If your in doubt, bring it along! You'll be surprised by what works and what doesn't! So if you require a suitcase, you go for it girfriend. We will most probably end up using a fraction of it, but sometimes it's peace of mind having it all there!

Some of the items below, I will have with me, but just let me know what you love and what you'd love to achieve and we will work towards it.

Hopefully these provide some inspiration!

White Shirt

Who doesn't love a classic white shirt shot! Raid your partners wardrobe or I can bring one of the ones I have on hand. A white shirt is essential in my shoots as its a great starting point to ensure you feel comfortable. We can also build on it in many ways!

Fabric/dressing gowns/scarfs

I will bring this with me, unless you have a certain item (think throws, scarves, shawls, dressing gowns etc). Whatever we drape, throw, blow and move will work perfectly! A gorgeous pattern can also add a bit of extra drama to the images (if thats what you'r after).

High waste knickers

I LOVE THESE! And you may not be a fan for day to day, but trust me, they look AMAZING in the photos! They also help to hold in that gorgeous belly and give you a beautiful shape. I do have some of these which I can bring (clients always wear knickers underneath), otherwise they are easy to find at Kmart or lingerie stores.


Sometimes your feet come into the shot, and who doesn't love a sexy pair of heels! These can really add to the overall photo, especially if they're the only thing your wearing ;)

Don't bring tons of options, one or two will do!


Hats are fun! They also give you something to hold and play with, often resulting in a different vibe to the photo! So if you have a hat (or two) that you love, please bring it! Caps can work too!


I love using glasses in the photos! Once again, this is an option! If you wear glasses or have a thing for sunglasses, then bring them along! They can add that little extra to the shot!


Now you'd think this would be the top of my list, but its not, so don't feel like you have to go out and spend a fortune on lingerie. The items listed above are my absolute go to's, sexy lingerie is just a bonus. If having lingerie shots is important to you, by all means bring it and have fun finding it! We will most certainly do a series in it!


So this will only be done at the end of the shoot and will never be an "erotic" nude. So we will use fabrics or body parts to hide the main bits. However, it comes down to what you want and how you want to be captured. If you're not quite comfortable with full nude, please bring a nude string and we can achieve a naked look without having to actually be naked!

Remember, I am a woman too, I have had two natural births and photographed hundreds of woman in all shapes and sizes, with various attires of clothing. I am not here to look at your body or judge you in anyway! I am here to simply direct you and guide you on a beautiful experience which you will remember for the rest of your life!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any stage through our journey together, to ask me questions, or provide me information on what you are wanting!

Casey xx


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